22 Jun, 2024
In der schnelllebigen digitalen Landschaft von heute ist Multi-Cloud-Hosting nicht nur ein Schlagwort, sondern eine wesentliche Komponente für Unternehmen, die Robustheit, Flexibilität und Skalierbarkeit ihrer Online-Präsenz suchen. In der Zwischenzeit…
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Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) ergänzt das Generieren eines Large Language Models (LLM, auf Deutsch: großes Sprachmodell) durch eine gute Suche, z.B. in einer Dokumentensammlung, in einer Datenbank oder in einem…
Dieser Artikel ist auch auf Englisch verfügbar: Der FMI-Standard und seine Bedeutung in der Industrie FMI als Mittel zur Beschleunigung der Produktentwicklung Der Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) Standard ist ein…
Neuer Unterbefehl „netplan status –diff“, der Unterschiede zwischen Konfiguration und Systemstatus findet Als Hauptbetreuer und Entwickler von Netplan bin ich stolz, die allgemeine Verfügbarkeit von Netplan v1.0 nach mehr als…

AMD makes CPU and GPU comeback in latest Steam Hardware Survey — Red Team regains lost ground from Nvidia and Intel

AMD is showing significant gains in November’s latest Steam hardware survey: it’s up 4.7% in GPUs and 8.4% in CPUs. That’s all at the expense of Nvidia and Intel, which saw equally significant losses. However, this is more of a return to the status quo than AMD suddenly posting substantial gains. October’s Steam hardware survey […]

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Meteor Lake laptop retailer listings show competitive pricing — Intel’s next-gen CPUs compete with AMD Zen 4 at all price points

PC hardware leaker momomo_us has found multiple listings for Meteor Lake laptops made by Acer and Asus. Although it’s not unusual to see early retail listings for upcoming products, these leaks are remarkable because some have full marketing descriptions, images, specs, and even seemingly accurate pricing. The most complete listings are for Acer’s upcoming laptop, which appears […]

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Mode Sonnet Custom Mechanical Keyboard Review: Refined Elegance

The custom mechanical keyboard hobby has expanded tremendously over the last few years, but one staple has remained the same: the best keyboards are almost always locked behind the group buy model, forcing you to pay sometimes upwards of a year in advance. Mode Designs has bucked that trend with its online configurator, replacing those […]

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Mod doubles the ROG Ally’s RAM from 16GB to 32GB, increases speed from 6400 to 7500 MTs

Fancy a memory upgrade on your ROG Ally? A technician running a “SlickBuys Mods and Repairs” YouTube channel seemingly did something truly impressive with his client’s ROG Ally, upgrading the onboard RAM chips. Alas, it wasn’t as easy as swapping some chips on the board, and more like how it’s been demonstrated with some graphics […]

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10 Gigabit Ethernet slots into your M.2 port, costs only $86

M.2 10GbE network cards aren’t novelty products, but they used to cost a bit of money. However, pricing has improved over the years, and now you can find them for sub-$100 price tags. The 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) standard, which debuted in 2002, hasn’t entirely caught on, but its adoption rate is improving. 10GbE networking […]

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AMD RX 7000 GPU scams persist at Amazon, and it’s not just Sapphire — be sure to double-check the seller

The Radeon RX 7900 XTX is one of the best graphics cards on the market, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that scammers are preying on less-experienced consumers who are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars. If you’re in the market for a new Radeon RX 7000-series graphics card, pay extra attention to the seller, especially […]

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Three gaming-focused Linux operating systems beat Windows 11 in gaming benchmarks

Linux gaming performance has been improving for years, but how good is it? ComputerBase benchmarked three different Linux operating systems against Windows 11 in several gaming benchmarks and found all three were able to outperform Microsoft’s latest OS. On top of this, all three Linux variants were able to accomplish their impressive performance runs while […]

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AMD’s Radeon RX 6650 XT hits a new lowest-ever price – perfect for 1080p gaming on a budget

Graphics cards have always been a bit of a bone of contention for me these last couple of years as a dedicated PC gamer, what with the shortages and extravagant price hikes that have made this hobby elitist if you want to afford the best GPUs for gaming. With the biggest sales event of the […]

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Alphacool’s new APEX RAM X4 puts addressable RGBs on a custom cooling memory block

Alphacool has released a custom-cooling add-on for chilling memory modules, called the Apex X4 liquid RAM cooler. This water block is designed to be installed on DRAM modules (sold separately). The block uses a nickel-plated copper base and an ARGB function via a 5V three-pin connector. It has two G 1/4-inch threads for tubing. You’ll […]

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Does thermal paste expire? 20-year-old TIM tested – no degradation seen, but poor compared to modern products

A syringe of ancient thermal paste has been tested by Igor’s Lab. With some surprise, the hardware testing stalwart reports that Arctic Cooling’s Silicone Paste worked just as well as a factory fresh industrial alternative with a similar formulation. However, Wallossek’s testing clarified that modern PC thermal pastes aimed at PC enthusiasts perform much better. […]

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