22 Jun, 2024
In der schnelllebigen digitalen Landschaft von heute ist Multi-Cloud-Hosting nicht nur ein Schlagwort, sondern eine wesentliche Komponente für Unternehmen, die Robustheit, Flexibilität und Skalierbarkeit ihrer Online-Präsenz suchen. In der Zwischenzeit…
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Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) ergänzt das Generieren eines Large Language Models (LLM, auf Deutsch: großes Sprachmodell) durch eine gute Suche, z.B. in einer Dokumentensammlung, in einer Datenbank oder in einem…
Dieser Artikel ist auch auf Englisch verfügbar: Der FMI-Standard und seine Bedeutung in der Industrie FMI als Mittel zur Beschleunigung der Produktentwicklung Der Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) Standard ist ein…
Neuer Unterbefehl „netplan status –diff“, der Unterschiede zwischen Konfiguration und Systemstatus findet Als Hauptbetreuer und Entwickler von Netplan bin ich stolz, die allgemeine Verfügbarkeit von Netplan v1.0 nach mehr als…

Dell reportedly restricts exports of AMD’s fastest gaming GPUs to China — Radeon RX 7900 XTX, RX 7900, Pro W7900 purportedly listed as sanctioned tech

Dell has reportedly issued a Sales Advisory document to ensure that its sales personnel does not sell AMD’s latest Radeon RX 7900-series gaming graphics cards as well as Instinct artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) GPUs to China and 22 other countries in compliance with the latest U.S. export rules. However, our quick check of […]

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Save $300 on the Netgear Orbi 960 WiFi Mesh System with this Exclusive Coupon

Black Friday deals season is here and you can find some pretty stellar sales on name brand hardware. Here, we’ve got an exclusive coupon to share with you for Netgear’s Orbi 960 series WiFi 6E WiFi mesh system. This setup is on the pricey side but it’s currently discounted for Black Friday and can be […]

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Intel and TSMC could lose billions in chip factory funding thanks to stalled German budget, Intel construction is already underway

Subsidies that multinational chipmakers are set to receive to build their fabs in Europe will come from two sources: the European Union itself, as part of the European Chips Act approved in July, and individual states. So far, Germany has promised $22 billion in incentives to chipmakers like Intel and TSMC, which is why the companies announced plans to build fabs there. […]

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Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra gets a $600 Black Friday discount, making it an even better MacBook Pro alternative

Samsung’s rival to the MacBook Pro, the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, is on a deep discount for Black Friday. At Best Buy, it’s $600 cheaper than when we reviewed it earlier this year, for a grand total of $1,799.99. It comes with an Intel Core i7-13700H, Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050, and a vivid AMOLED display. […]

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Lenovo recalls USB-C laptop power banks due to fire risk — check now to see if you’re affected

If you own a Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank, you should stop what you’re doing and pay close attention to the following: Lenovo today issued a recall for the device — citing the possibility that it could go up in flames, which obviously presents a serious safety hazard. First, you can see if your […]

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