22 Jun, 2024

Nvidia RTX 4090 cards are reportedly being hoarded for sale to China by unscrupulous scalpers, which could inevitably drive prices up

The Nvidia RTX 4090 currently reigns as the king of consumer graphics cards, sitting atop our GPU benchmarks hierarchy. It’s one of the best graphics cards for gaming, AI, and other work — except RTX 4090 prices have been increasing ever since the cards were put on the U.S. export controls list a few months […]

3 mins read

I’ve looked at all the GPU prices this Black Friday, and most of the ‘real’ deals are on Intel Arc graphics cards

If you’re looking for a great deal on a new graphics card for Black Friday, you’re not alone. Because who wouldn’t want a GPU upgrade at a discount? The problem is that determining which GPUs are true deals and which are simply slight discounts can be tricky. Lots of places list original MSRPs that are, […]

5 mins read