19 Jul, 2024

New tech laser-etches QR codes onto ceramic-coated glass to store data for 5000 years — new working demo system unveiled

German startup Cerabyte is working on a new storage tech that etches QR codes with lasters onto a new storage medium made out of ceramic nanolayers a mere 50-100 atoms thick coated onto a glass sheet, a new technique that could revolutionize the long-term storage industry and provide unheard of storage densities with CeraMemory cartridges […]

3 mins read

Save $300 on the Netgear Orbi 960 WiFi Mesh System with this Exclusive Coupon

Black Friday deals season is here and you can find some pretty stellar sales on name brand hardware. Here, we’ve got an exclusive coupon to share with you for Netgear’s Orbi 960 series WiFi 6E WiFi mesh system. This setup is on the pricey side but it’s currently discounted for Black Friday and can be […]

1 min read